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On-Farm Grain Pickup Service - Tailored to You

Time, resources, and hired help are valuable assets that can’t be squandered.  A precise harvest strategy is key to getting your grain OUT of the field, and putting money INTO your pocket.

That’s why MaxYield Cooperative offers its On-Farm Pickup Service, tailored to the trucking and scheduling needs of YOUR farming operation.  No more driving your high-priced tractor to town with a wagon just to deliver grain – we come to you.

On-Farm Pickup is available year-round and fits any size farming operation. We work around your schedule; not just when it’s convenient for us.

This harvest, minimize your grain delivery costs with MaxYield’s “On-Farm Pickup Service.” Call your MaxYield grain solutions specialist, or MaxYield location today!

MaxYield Cooperative – we see more in your fields.