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Equity Service & Condo Storage Meetings Announced

Learn more about MaxYield's new Equity Service program and our latest Condo Storage program at these member meetings:

Recently, MaxYield members were mailed information about our new Equity Service program and Condo Storage.

More information is available here, by contacting your nearest MaxYield location and by calling 515-887-7211 / 1-800-383-0003.


Insight – Innovative Cash Grain Contracts

When should you pull the trigger on your grain sale? Do you wish you had someone to just make the sale for you?

AgriVisor’s innovative grain marketing program may be for you, diversifying the way you manage price risk.

You select a professional…choose from AgriVisor®, Doane® and ProFarmer®.

Use the Insight program to diversify your pricing risk and have professional analysts price a percentage of your grain.

More information is available at, and at your MaxYield location. Deadline to enroll is coming fast…current program ends December 31, 2014.