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IMG_0246 (768x1024)FOR SALE - To be removed

MaxYield Cooperative’s Mallard location has two steel grain bins for sale, to be removed from the property no later than September 1, 2015.

1 Columbian steel bin – 36 ft diameter, aprox. capacity 48,000 bushels

1 Columbian steel bin – 60 ft diameter, aprox. capacity 147,000 bushels


IMG_0245 (768x1024)Bins to be removed at purchaser’s expense, and must be removed no later than September 1, 2015.

Contact Ryan Stokes, 712-358-1108 or Walt Reichert 712-363-0758 to view, inquire, and for purchase and removal requirements.

MaxYield Cooperative
511 Miller Street
Mallard, IA