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Condo Storage Program NOW Open!

MaxYield Cooperative is offering another condominium grain storage program. Condominium storage was offered by MaxYield for the first time in 2006 and again in 2007 and 2015. Each offering was very well received by our membership.

What is Condominium Grain Storage?
Each Condo investor would purchase and own one or more shares in a Limited Liability Company (one share equals 5,000 bushel). As an investor in the LLC, you may deliver your storage bushels to any MaxYield location (with the exception of Kerber Milling, or Hawkeye Pride). The investor enjoys the tax benefits equal to the depreciation on the bin. You have reserved storage space, and no grain storage costs. We expect the Condo bin to have a 40 year useful life span.

To learn if Condo Storage is right for, contact any MaxYield location or read our Condo Q & A.

(This communication is not an offer to sell storage units or solicitation of an investment in an LLC. Any offer to sell storage units or to solicit an investment in an LLC is made only through a prospectus.)