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Your Grain Risk Management Solutions

As a farmer, you’re always on the move, and you don’t have the time to sit and wait for the perfect moment to sell.

That’s why MaxYield Cooperative offers a variety of grain risk management programs to assist you in harvesting the most profit from your hard work.

Try our Firm Offer program, which lets you select a price, lock it in, in any bushel increment and has MaxYield monitor your offer 24 - 7.  Or Minimum Price Contracts, giving you the flexibility to set a minimum price and improve the stability of your cash flow.  And Market Wise and Insight, MaxYield’s fully-managed, in-depth grain management and contract systems.

These and other programs from MaxYield mean the days of missed opportunity are over.  Seize your moment - Contact MaxYield’s Grain Team today to learn more about risk management programs.