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Standard Nutrition Feed Mill – Emmetsburg Location & Contact Information

Grain Marketing
Mick Hoover
Phone: 712-425-3291

Grain Client Care – Standard Nutrition Scale
Josh Sidles
Phone: 712-454-1055

Convenient access, located on US Hwy 18

  • New scale, allows weigh in/out, grain sampling and grain receiving without moving your truck
  • High speed grain receiving unloads truck in four minutes
  • Grain receiving is inside – un-tarp inside on windy days!
  • Kerber scale office is one-stop location for: contracts, settlements, grain checks, bids for Kerber & AGP direct ship soybeans
  • End user premium cash and deferred bids
  • On-farm pick up bids available
  • Scheduled corn deliveries to avoid waiting in long lines
  • All settlements and checks issued by MaxYield Cooperative
  • ACH grain checks available