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Save time and money with our on-farm pick up service

One of the biggest complaints we hear from farmers is that they never have enough time. MaxYield Grain can help. Our on-farm pick up service helps you save time, labor costs, and reduces the wear-and-tear on your equipment. (Driving those high priced tractors to pull wagons to town isn’t cheap…not to mention the price of tractors tires.)

Big or small, on-farm pickup works for all

We can tailor the trucking needs to fit any size farming operation, whether on farm or from the field. While we do gear up specifically for the demands of fall, we also offer this service year round—not just when it’s convenient for us. Our one stipulation is that we need to be able to fill a truckload within twenty minutes.

Just ask Leon Wojahn, who farms northeast of Ayrshire and has relied on MaxYield’s on-farm grain pickup for more than five years to haul is grain to Mallard.

It’s just like having a free hired man. MaxYield works around our schedule, and I don’t know what I would do without this great service.

Leon Wojahn
Ayrshire, IA

Our experience makes the difference

We have over 15 years experience with our on-farm pick up service. But, we don’t rest on our success. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve this service.

Discover how your neighbors used MaxYield’s on-farm pick up service to minimize their grain delivery costs. Contact a MaxYield Gain team member or visit us at one of our convenient locations.