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Risk Management—because fear shouldn’t be the reason to sell your grain

It’s no secret—farming is a risky business. Unpredictable weather, an unpredictable global economy, and unpredictable input costs all lead to uncertainty. Did you know that trying to second-guess fluctuations in pricing leads 80% of all U.S. grain to be sold at the bottom 20% of the market?

MaxYield Grain offers leading-edge risk management programs that work to help you minimize your risk and get you the best price for your crops—all without you having to give up control.

Market Wise

If you struggle year after year with marketing decisions, Market Wise is the program for you.

  • A full service, in-depth style program
  • Coaching without taking over your operation
  • Uses the futures market and options to develop a personalized marketing plan
  • Offers forward selling and re-ownership expertise
  • Market Wise participants receive a grain price incentive when they market grain to MaxYield Grain.

Though Dale and Lisa Siebrecht of Curlew have farmed for over 30 years, decisions about grain marketing tended to generate a lot of uncertainty and stress – until they tried Market Wise Ag Services six years ago.

“Before, we were more like speculators than hedgers, holding out for higher prices and always second-guessing ourselves,” says Lisa. “It’s a lot easier to pull the trigger with Market Wise, because now we’re focused on profitability.”

Lisa also adds, “Now I’ll call my order into MaxYield’s Mallard location when I can sell at a profit, which is much different than trying to keep up constantly with the markets. Market Wise takes the emotion out of grain marketing.”

Market Wise’s Jon Day and Brian Chastain bring over 45 years of combined marketing experience and solutions to your operation. They start with a no obligation, marketing and risk assessment and develop a plan that fits your operation. Learn more about

Take the fear out of your marketing decisions and take control of your revenue. Learn more about Market Wise, or contact a MaxYield Gain team member or visit us at one of our locations near you.